Twenty-one Days of Prayer, Day 4, Boldness

the last word

Colossians 1:28, “Whom we preach (proclaim), warning every man and teaching every man in (with) all wisdom: that we may present every man perfect (mature or complete) in Christ Jesus”.   Reading this, I have to admit the word “every” is very convicting.  Often, I am burdened for someone, so I attempt to share Christ Jesus with them.  Maybe at school where I teach, or withing my family, or within my church (faith) family, I want to share Jesus.  But every man?  God, I admit, that is not true of me.  I wait to be burdened, so I am failing.  Then I notice that this is not simply going through the Roman Road plan of salvation, or the ABCs plan, or any other plan that I could use to get every one saved and heading to heaven.  Look at the verse, “whom we preach (proclaim)  , , , that we (collective- which indicates others are involved) may present.  We proclaim so that “we” can present every man perfect (mature or complete) in Christ Jesus.  There is a discipleship element in this verse.  We invest in every man to mature them in Christ.  Again, I confess my failure to do this.  I am a hopeless failure in fulfilling this verse, but my God calls me to remember the word “we”.  I begin to rejoice that the body of Christ is fulfilling this job, but what about my Christian brothers and sisters who are like me and fail at this?  It was here that I remember to look around the verse to put it into the context in which it was written.  Here is the answer to my failure in verse 29, I labor and strive ACCORDING TO HIS WORKING which WORKS in me MIGHTILY!  Christ, the One I want to share, is the “WE” as I surrender to allow Him to work within me.  If I allow Him to work, He works mightily, enabling me to labor and strive in presenting Christ, warning and teaching in wisdom about my wonderful Savior and Lord.  Father, I surrender today and ask you to work mightily in me, sharing the truth about Your Son, Jesus powerfully with those who need a relationship and need to grow in that relationship.  Use me! I’m your instrument!


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