Twenty-one Days of Prayer, Day 5, Remembrance
February 22, 2015, 10:55 pm
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searching for Jesus 2
Psalm 143:5 “Remember”. When I looked at this Psalm, I saw that David was pleading for God to hear his prayer. Here was a man after God’s own heart, yet at this time in his life, God didn’t seem to be listening to him. So, this is a prayer for God asking God to listen. I have to admit, I am going through a time like that in my life. Like David, my enemy has targeted me. Let me share how David described what he was going through because I really can identify with him. (You may be at this place in life right now, or just gotten through it, or are just about to go into it.) My enemy, David said, has persecuted my soul, crushed my life to the ground, made me to live in darkness like those who are long dead. David admitted, my spirit is overwhelmed and my heart is distressed, or overcome with dismay. So David has said, God please listen because I am down for the 10 count, and I don’t have it within me to get up. In this state of failure, David remembers!. I remember the days of old, or I remember what You have done in the past in my life. I meditate on all You have done, I reflect on the works of Your hands, and I am like a parched land before You. I left out one because this is where I am today, I spread out my hands to you. At least in my mind, I think about a child who needs a hug and stretches his hands out to let you know. David has turned his focus from what overwhelms him toward God, from Whom he needs a hug. Starting with verse 7, David pleads with God, but what I find remarkable he keeps giving reasons for God to hear. Look at the word “for”. For in you do I put my trust, for I lift up my soul to You, (for) I come to You for protection, for You are my God, and finally for I am Your servant. God I throw myself on you because I am empty, powerless, and defeated at the end of my rope, but You are trustworthy, the lifter of my soul, my protection, my God and my Master. God help me to remember my life is the story you are writing and I trust You with each struggle and each day.


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