Twenty-one Days of Prayer, Day 8, My Heart.
February 25, 2015, 5:26 pm
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searching for Jesus 2Matthew 6:33, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” Immediately I notice the word “but” which tells me that there is a contrast involved here. If my first priority of my heart is to seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness, then there must be something contrary to this that my heart can seek as most important. Reading back, I read “lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth . . . but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven . . . for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”. In this passage, I have two choices, either I will put God first in my life, or I will select money. I recently read of a young woman with four small children who won over one hundred million in the lottery. She talked about how that this money would change the life of her children. It will, but in what ways? I have to confess that I struggle with what I want to treasure in my heart. There are days I long to have enough money to pay off all my bills and to have whatever I want. I long for the days driving my 1970 Dodge Challenger and having a house full of stuff. I wish I could give my children money to use to better their lives. I wish I could do good stuff with money. I grew up, working as a paper boy, putting up hay, getting a job when was 16, a fulltime job while attending college because I wanted stuff that money could give me. Then I got saved, and a struggle began within me. God wanted my focus and wanted to be first in my heart. He promised to take care of me, like He does with the flowers and the birds. And He has. I am amazed at what He has provided. But He gave me things that I didn’t even know I needed, like a relationship with the living God. He works in and with me as I share the truth of His Word. He has blessed me with all I need. So why do I struggle? It should be an automatic decision, put Christ first. I even have the “Jesus First” lapel pin. But still I find a battle raging within me. Others are often the source of frustrations because they are blessed by God but aren’t in “full-time Christian service”. Why is God blessing them, and just giving me what I need? It is at times like this that I go to God and begin to pray, focusing on Him. He reminds me that my life on this earth is for a moment. My eternity with Him is what really counts. God help me to have the attitude and actions needed to put you first in my life and my thoughts. Let me focus on you. God, let me see what really matters and help that matter most to me. God help me remember the times I talked to my children about a relationship with you and about following you and they listened. Thanks for loving them and seeking to have a relationship with them. Thanks for the unexpected ways that You provide for Teresa and me. Father, help me die to my desires that aren’t your desires for me. Help me to die to selfishness. Help me to see and live consistent to the belief that You alone matter. Help me seek You first, as the priority of my life. Help me to remember that the number one influence in my life is You. No one else will ever make the difference you have made. I struggle with trusting You for my daily provision. Help me die to the wrong belief that life easier if all my bills were paid and I could buy anything I wanted. God become the treasure of my heart and help me to die to my old nature. God help me understand that there is none like you. Help me today, seek you first.


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