The Great Commission (as my Bible 9 students understand it)

sharing Jesus
The Great Commission (as my Bible 9 students understand it)
Jesus and the eleven disciples met on a mountain in Galilee. Even when they actually saw Jesus, they had doubts. That’s kind of weird because he was literally right there. They still had faith though. He told them that all power is given to Him, which means He is the most powerful. He is over all dictators, leaders, presidents, and all other types of leaders. He is still “way” more powerful. Jesus then tells them to teach everyone of His word and let them be baptized. It started with these disciples and we are still supposed to follow this today. Teach everyone, young and old. Then it tells me how I ought to do this. I am to teach them to observe all things. He is always with us. Even though we might risk our lives to share His word, He will not leave our side.
God is testing their faith. They did not believe, but did he sent them to tell something they didn’t believe? The point is that they have to believe if are going to tell others and risk their lives. In verse 17, it says they doubted but they still worshipped him. It shows me that they knew it was right to worship Him, but they were still skeptical that he was real. In verse 18, Jesus says “all power is given to me in heaven and in earth”. He knew they were skeptical and told them an explanation to how He could be there. After reassuring them, He then gave them a command.
Jesus told the eleven disciples to go to a mountain. When they see Jesus, they worshipped but some doubted. Jesus then told them “all authority in heaven and in earth has been given to me, therefore go and make disciples in every nation in my authority. Baptize the new believers in the name of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Jesus wanted them to know that He was in control of everything ever made. He wants His disciples to tell people about Him all over the world. He wants them to obey even if they have doubts. That’s true faith. Following God when we don’t understand, but simply because of who we know Him to be is an act of faith. Our faith has worth because we place faith in Him and He is worthy.
The doubting disciples remind me of Thomas. Jesus gave them a reason for obeying, “all power was given Him”. He then commanded them to share the gospel worldwide, teaching and baptizing those placing faith in Christ. In addition to leading people to saving knowledge of Christ, the disciples, and us today, are to teach people how to obey and do what God command them to do. Jesus ends by encouraging the disciples that they will not do this alone, but that He will be with them always. He ends with the words, even to the end of the world or age. Today, He is with us as we share His story no matter how far He may seem to be away.
When you read this, you look at the eleven disciples and think, “what more do you want?! You have Jesus right in front of you! How can you doubt?!” But isn’t that really like it is today for many of us? We have God’s word in front of us and we have the opportunity to read what it says but we still have doubts. We shouldn’t but it’s our old nature to doubt.
The next three verses are the Great Commission. Jesus starts by sharing a truth. “I”, Jesus states, “have all power.” Then Jesus gives us a command, go and share the Gospel. You can witness wherever you are, even to your neighbor or someone in your class. Don’t look at this and say that there is nothing you can do. Just share Jesus.
The final verse tells us that we should teach the people to whom we witness to observe. He wants the disciples to share their experiences of doing what God commanded us to do. He reminds us that we can obey because He is always with us. This last sentence really gets to me, because it means that from the day you get saved until the end of your life, God will always be there for you. No matter how difficult it is to share Him, He will give you the power or authority to do what He has called you to do.
The disciples went to a mountain to see Jesus. Even though the men had been with Jesus, they still had trouble believing completely everything He was asking them to believe. I struggle in understanding how that with all that Jesus had done in their presence, they could doubt Him. They were able to worship, but they still doubted something. After worshipping, Jesus told them to share Him with the all the people that make up the world. I think that Jesus told them this so they could see if their faith was real. He already knew it was. Today, some say they’re a Christian, but don’t really show it in their actions. Christ wants us to share the transformation that has changed our lives with others. He also wants us to share His truth and teachings was we share Him. We are to help others worship, walk , and witness for Him. We can because He is always with us. Let’s start sharing Him with others.
I think we all agree that the Great Commission is given to us. So why don’t we do it? Notice the word “doubt”. I think that explains it. Either we are not fully committed that Jesus is God and our Lord or we doubt our ability to do this. Our actions tend to reveal whether we actually believe. If He is God has He claimed and demonstrated Himself to be, (and we would all agree that He is), then why don’t we do what He clearly told us to do? Our belief is not complete until it changes the way we act. So much of the passage encourages us that we do this in His authority or power and He will be with us always as we do this. He is answering our doubts. So bottom line, what are we going to do about this? Faith without works is worthless and empty. How’s our faith looking?


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