Twenty-One Days of Prayer, Day 13, Praying for the Freres (Our Missionaries)

The Frere’s – 2 Corinthians 9:10-14. Praying needs to be specific and today, as a church we are praying for Marc and Elmyr Frere, missionaries to Haiti. So what do we pray? According to the passage connected with this day, we should pray for our faithful God to supply and multiply their seed for sowing and increase the harvest of their righteousness. It seems that we should pray for their right standing before God. I understand that the righteousness that enables them to stand upright before God is the imputed righteousness they were credited with at the time of salvation. But there is also a practical and daily righteousness that comes as a result of surrendering to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. So I need to pray that each day they will be surrendered to the Holy Spirit. I am also going to pray that there faith will be revealed in their actions. As missionaries, Marc and Elmyr will be under a microscope, and some will expect perfection. But Marc and Elmyr are just like us, imperfect followers of the perfect God. As missionaries we need to pray for their failures and that God will work those things together for His glory. According to the passage, we need to pray for them to have lives that practice thankfulness. They will live a life of faith and see God do amazing things in and for them. I am praying that God’s amazing work will never be taken for granted, but will always be received with a thankful heart. I pray that there will be an overflowing of the provision and work of God on their behalf. I pray that they will glorify God in their faithful service and confession of the Gospel. I pray that they will allow God to show mercy and grace through them to those they love and to whom they serve. Finally, in my prayers for these servants of the most high God, I pray that they value the relationship with Jesus Christ, who is God’s priceless gift. Please God keep the Frere’s humble in your sight, and constantly amazed that You are working through them. Help them to be wrapped up in the wonder of You, and the relationship they have following Jesus the Anointed, Your priceless and unspeakable free gift. God for me, please help me be persistent and consistent in my prayers for the Freres and lift them up to you. Let me be sensitive to them and what You burden me to pray. Thank you for their surrendered hearts and willingness to be used. Provide the financial support, the prayer partners, and the ready hearts to see Your Glory. Keep them safe in You and take care of their doubts and questions.


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