Twenty-One Days of Prayer, Ministry, 2 Corinthians 5
March 9, 2015, 7:26 pm
Filed under: Searching for our Savior in His book

the cross
In 2 Corinthian 5, verse 20, we immediately see the words “now then” which point our attention to what has been said in the previous verses. In Christ, we are new creatures with a new ministry, that of reconciling others to Christ. We are ambassadors, a term that is related to “elder”. Please don’t stop and think, this is a message for pastors because here the word is describing one who is older, more experienced and able to represent our King to the world. We are to be pleading with others to be reconciled with God through the Good News and yet, the verse indicates that it is as if our words were God’s words, speaking and urging the lost to come to Jesus. Here is one thing I must pray: God let me allow Your passion for people to come through me. God help me to have an obsession to see people come to You that I “pray” or “implore” with others to be brought into the right relationship with God. The next verse is the translation of 15 Greek words which reveal and explain the doctrines of imputation and substitution. God treated the sinless Son of God as if He were guilty of all the sins ever committed, although He had committed none. God poured out His wrath upon Jesus, until it was all gone. God’s just requirement was fulfilled and sin was once and for all completely judged. But then we are to share the glorious rest of the Good News, God has chosen to impute the righteousness of Jesus while on the earth to each true and authentic believer in Jesus Christ. The glorious great message of the Good News that we are to share is that God treated Jesus as if He had committed all the sins ever committed while treating believers as if they had committed all the righteous acts and deeds of Jesus Christ. God help me to be excited and enthusiastic about such a glorious truth and give me the passion and power to faithfully share the Good News consistently. Live and work through me as You touch one life at a time with Your glorious unconditional love and grace.


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