Twenty-one Days of Prayer, Day 19, The Lost, I John 5:12
March 12, 2015, 3:10 pm
Filed under: Searching for our Savior in His book

When I wrote the title for this writing, I used the word “lost” because that is the term we often use for a person who doesn’t have a relationship with God. I John 5:12 gives us God’s point of view which is “He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.” Notice the term “lost” is not used. In fact the term used is “life”. I am either a person who has life or doesn’t have life. You are either a person who has life or doesn’t have life. From verse 1 to verse 12, we have a section that tells us of the witnesses or evidences that we have the Son, and therefore life. Here are a few: if you have life, you will love God; love other Christians; keep God’s commandments; overcomes the world; and the Holy Spirit. When you read this passage, do you receive this as God’s true statements or do you begin to rationalize away the evidences because in your personal experience some or all of these may not be evident in your life. Without realizing what we’re doing, we have elevated personal, human experience as a greater authority than God while at the same time doing what is recorded in verse 10. See the phrase “made him a liar”? Who is the “him”? God. You see when I don’t believe what God speaks, even though I may claim to love Him and want to worship and praise Him, I can’t because I am calling Him a liar. So, how can I possible surrender my life to Someone to make me God’s son based on what He tells me is true about the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ if I then can’t believe evidences that will show I am saved. Here is the dilemma many people have, what makes me a Christian? Sadly, I am convinced that many who call themselves “Christians” are doing so because they were swept up in an emotional service or difficult time in their lives, and want to go to heaven rather than hell, so that professed belief but that belief was empty because they didn’t begin to act upon their beliefs. Jesus said, If any will come after me (salvation) let him deny himself, take up his cross, and act upon his belief by following me. So i praying for the lost, my prayer is for those who admit they aren’t alive in Christ because they don’t have a relationship with Him. I pray that they come to know Jesus Christ and have an encounter with Him that forever alters their life. I also need to pray for those who don’t realize they are not alive because they want to establish their evidence of a relationship with Jesus Christ that is contrary to Christ’s . These “unsaved” think they have a relationship with Christ, but sadly, He doesn’t know them. God, break my heart and open my eyes to see others as you see them.


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