Broken Commitments, Broken Promises, Broken Lives, Unbroken Love
August 26, 2015, 1:20 pm
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Are you familiar with the story of the woman taken in adultery? Bible students know that this was a plot by the Pharisees to discredit Jesus. The men who brought her to Jesus interrupted Him while He was teaching “all the people”. Pretending to want His opinion, they were actually trying to get Jesus to make a decision that they would turn against Him to make Him look bad in front of the people He was teaching. Today’s version of this a little different. A news story breaks about a Christian’s sin and almost immediately the story is posted on Facebook or some other type of social media, with comments about the person’s hypocrisy or how their parents sheltered them or how that could a true Christian do something like that. Of course we as Christians do sin because we have a nature that is bent to sin. We often are hypocritical because we preach absolute truths and principles that we struggle to keep because we are imperfect but we see that those truths are God’s. Parents seek to provide the best education in the safest atmosphere, but there is no such thing as a perfect environment because the entire creation is cursed. Godly adults train and teach children to do right but there is always the potential to do wrong. Any child has the potential to commit horrible sins, especially in secret. So a Christian sins and it is revealed. As a Christian, how should I respond. First, all sin is horrible. Jesus died a horrible death because of my sin. I want to hate sin more and more. Second, I am to pray for my brother or sister to be restored. At times I am tempted to criticized my brothers and sisters when I need to love them and when they fail, I need to be crushed. Third, my Savior’s reputation is damaged by my failures as well as the failures of my brothers and sisters in Christ. I am to glorify Him and the public sin of His children at first appears to damage Him. But, keep this in mind. While we may rip the hypocritical Christian as a phony, my Father calls them His workmanship. Nothing separates them from His love. His grace is bigger than any sin or failure. What an amazing and awesome God!! His children’s failure don’t diminish Him at all! Remember the story of the adulterous woman? All the condemning Pharisees were revealed as having a problem with sin yet walked away from the One who could have taken care of their great need. The broken woman, guilty of a sin that was punishable by death, had her head lifted by Jesus. Her accusers were gone, revealed as sinners by the One who knew all things. Having this encounter with Jesus changed her life forever, as it always does. Thankfully, my sins are removed from me by my God who blotted them out with His blood, my righteousness is not mine but the imputed righteousness of Christ that God gave me and that makes me acceptable to Him, and I am sheltered in Him, who keeps me in the midst of the storms of life. Pray for those who fail. Pray for me!. We’re family!Jesus-and-the-Woman-Taken-in-Adultery