I Never Read!
September 10, 2015, 4:41 pm
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Last year, I had a few students who bragged that they never read. Specifically, they were extremely proud of never reading books. This year, I determined that we would read books in class. Currently on Tuesdays, we are reading in class, Last Words of Jesus by Stu Epperson. In the book, the 7 last statements of Jesus are examined and then applied to our lives. I thought the book was a great place to start, because our relationship with Christ starts at the Cross. Because of technology, I use our overhead projector and my Kindle account to have the students read from the book. We usually have a worksheet with the chapter, and some of the questions requires critical thinking skills to be used.
I also want the students to read the Bible, and the Bible chapter summaries are designed to get them into the Word. Students are to read 6 chapters a week, making observations, interpretation, and applications from each chapter. Some students really do great jobs and show a growing depth in their spiritual lives, while others tend to wait until the last minute and write generalizations for each chapter, the kind of Sunday School answers that show they haven’t really read the passage. After all, they don’t read!
But is it true that students “never read”. You may want to examine your child’s phone. Research tells us that almost every child has a cell phone, and most have a smart phone. They have the ability to access friends and media and some say that they are “constantly online”. The average teen receives 60 texts a day, which means they send 60 texts to reply. So about once every 15 minutes, texts are either coming or going. Some average higher, and remember, this is an average which includes some children who don’t have a phone. In addition, 95% of teens are online. Girls are more likely to be on visually-oriented social media, like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. They are constantly posting “selfies”, sharing information about themselves, and sharing “drama” which as you know, is a part of teen life. Boys are more likely to play video games, so while they do text and post, they love the challenge of conquering a game more. So what about your child? Maybe it would be a great project to see how they measuring up. How much time do they spend reading God’s word, on social media, and texting each day. The answer to that question may show you what is important to your child. Is their priority for their life and your priority for them, the same? Jesus talked about “abiding in Him”. I think a great way to do that is to spend time in the Word of God so that the Holy Spirit can renew our minds. Because of our old fallen natures we don’t think correctly. Imagine how difficult it is for teens to “let this mind be in you” when they never “read” God’s Word. You and your child are investing in eternity. Will Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram be how God talks to us or we talk to Him in eternity? Just saying!