What Do People Hear About You?
January 16, 2016, 1:56 am
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“Wherefore I also, after I heard of your faith in the Lord Jesus, and love unto all the saints,” is the beginning of a really long sentence in Ephesians 1. Starting with verse 15, the sentence ends at verse 23 in the King James Bible. The Apostle Paul gets personal with the believers in Ephesus by talking about their reputation. I understand that reputation is what others say about you and that we shouldn’t worry about what others say, but in this case Paul makes a big deal about what he has heard about them. Notice what it is. I have heard of your faith in the Lord Jesus. This tells me that they have a faith in the finished work of Christ that is a faith that others notice. That type of faith is more than just words or a past event that we use as a ticket to heaven. It is a faith that changes us and makes us “noticeable” for the difference it has made in our lives. That makes sense because to come to Christ means we have to repent or turn from something to turn to Jesus, Who transforms us into someone so unique from what we were that it is like we have been set apart. We are walking against the current and that is noticeable. But so many who are Christians think that being different is something that we do for ourselves so we focus on what we don’t do to define our uniqueness from the world. Yet Paul mentions the way the Holy Spirit makes us different with the words “love unto all the saints”. The thing that identifies us as a follower of Jesus Christ is our love for others, which in this case are identified as “saints” or other believers. This love isn’t an expression which comes out of our mouths but never goes beyond that. Rather it is an expression that comes not just from within us, but from the Holy Spirit that dwells within us. This love is unconditional, sacrificial, and impacts others because it is so abnormal in our world. Reaching out to others with no thought of getting paid back in return, with no attempt at manipulation but only on helping others is first on a list of the Fruit of the Spirit. Jesus told His followers that they would be easy to identify because they loved others. Throughout the New Testament this message is repeated and as we know, when God repeats something, He is showing us that this is very important. I also notice that it is to “all” the saints. If love is selective, then it is not love that comes from the Holy Spirit. If love is limited, then it is not love that comes from the Holy Spirit. If love is conditional, the it is not love that comes from the Holy Spirit. Often we love those with whom we agree, we like, or with whom we approve. Those who are different, who think differently, or look differently, or whose worship is different, are often considered unworthy of our love but in reality never unworthy of God’s love. Disagreements should be expressed in love, with a desire to restore, correct, rebuke so that the other person lives in the right relationship with God. However, I must always be aware that God may bring that person into my life so that my faith is stretched and my love is expanded. Now, here is the question. What do others hear about you?
what do people hear about you


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