Trying the Same Way to Sin Less?
February 15, 2016, 8:14 pm
Filed under: Searching for our Savior in His book

This past week, my Bible 10 class took a test on the doctrine of sin. We attempted to look at what the Bible teaches about sin and spent time seeking God’s truth. Like all teachers, good and bad, I wanted to TEST my students on whether they got what I attempted to teach them on a topic that Jesus placed a priority upon in His earthly ministry. After the multitude of fill-in-the-blanks, matching, multiple choice and my students’ second least favorite form of questions, True or False statements, I asked what might be the least favorite form of questions, discussion questions. In fact, I only asked one question- “What can you do as a Christian to keeping from sinning based upon what we studied in class?”
As you can imagine, teaching a Bible class is made more difficult because of presuppositions that students have, as well as standard answers given to them by people who often are just repeating an answer that was given to them. These answers sound good in principle, but they don’t work in everyday life. But because someone we respect gave us the answer, we often don’t question the answer because this person we respect gave us the answer. Here the biggest problem with these types of answers. They are based on human reasoning instead of God’s Word. To correctly discover what we can do to keep from sinning, we have to go to what God Himself teaches us instead of taking second hand information that doesn’t really work and just makes us think that since we can’t stop sinning, we don’t really have to worry about it. After all, we all are sinners so we will sin. We can’t help it. It is just the curse of being a human.
Perhaps you’ve heard the answers. “Just make up your mind that you are going to stop sinning and them stop. Stay away from those things or people that tempt you to sin. Make sure that your friends are those people who don’t sin. Pray and ask God for the strength to stop sinning. Remember, we all sin and just ask God for forgiveness every time you sin.” These sound like good advice, but are they really based on what God really teaches in the Bible. I know that the Bible teaches, “for all have sinned”, but the same author wrote, “for he that is dead is freed from sin” and “let not sin therefore reign in your mortal body, that ye should obey it in the lust thereof”. Look, I understand the problem with our sin nature. It is always with us, even as Christians. We will always have the temptation to sin, and we are bent naturally to yield to sin. But should we just give in the always having sin keep us as mediocre and average Christians. If so, why did Jesus tell the woman taken in adultery, “go and sin no more.” Maybe the comics would comment here “sin no more, but no less”. Are you content with that? What can we do as Christians to keep from sinning? So what is the real answer, the one God gives?
Before reading another word, let me say this. I am a redeemed sinner who still has a sin nature with which I struggle. But I have found within God’s Word four principles that will help us sin less and keep us within God’s Will. Please consider putting these four things into practice. Also, remember that we are told to seek from God “daily bread”. I think that we should repeat these four things each day and live only with today in focus. Also remember that this is for CHRISTIANS ONLY! What I am sharing will not work for non-Christians, pretenders, pseudo-Christians, or Christians who want to live by the flesh, carnal Christians. This is written to those who want a close relationship with God and those who are seeking after His righteousness. As a child of God, I have been given an incredible gift, the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit. If I realize that I have proven that I can’t live without sinning, I will see that I have to relinquish control of my life to the Holy Spirit. He will equip me with the armor of God to resist Satan’s temptations, produce the fruit of the Spirit within me, and transform me to the likeness of Christ. In addition, He will focus me on doing the will of God instead of what I want to do. Here is a big mistake we often make, assuming that I can somehow live overcoming the temptation to sin by my determination and inner strength. I can’t so I have to yield to the Spirit’s control. Second, I have to realize that Christ is praying for me each day. He is praying for me to be faithful, to live for Him, and to be a living sacrifice. Maybe each day for a while, reading John 17 would reinforce the concept of what Jesus is actually praying for me. Jesus has proven the power He has over sin and He is speaking to the Father on my behalf. Powerful stuff! Third, spend time STUDYING GOD’S WORD. Take time to seek to understand and apply the Bible each day. Joshua was told to mediate in God’s Word. Psalm 119, the largest chapter in the Bible, tells the value of God’s Word. We are told to study to show ourselves approved unto God. Have we substituted reading the Bible for studying the Bible? When all we do is read the Bible, without understanding and especially without application, we are like the Pharisees who might know a lot about the Bible, but don’t walk in it. By the way, God’s Word does reveal God’s Will. Do you want to know God’s will for your life? Then spend time in His Word. Finally, the last step is to fellowship with other Christians. Not just go to a building with them, but to share with them. Bible studies with other believers are great ways to be strengthen and encouraged. Also, have a Christian that is your accountability partner. As a husband, I have to answer to my wife. As a parent, I had to answer to my children. As a poppy, I answer to my grandkids. As a teacher, I answer to my school, my administrator, all that are my bosses, my parents, and my students. As a Christian, I answer to my God. But as a Christian, what an effective way to be encouraged to avoid sin because I have to look a dear friend who is a fellow follower of Christ in the face and answer questions about my choices, attitudes, and actions.
Okay, I have given you four ways to keep from sinning based on God’s Word. These won’t eliminate all sin from your life but putting these into practice will make a difference. I love baseball, so I will give you a baseball analogy. A major league baseball hitter is considered a success if they fail seven times out of ten at bats. The greatest hitter of all time was successful at getting a hit a little less than 37% of the time. But trust me, no hitter goes to the plate being okay with failing. They approach each at bat as an important chance to get a hit. If they fail, they go up the next time expecting to get a hit. Those who don’t are either not great hitters or more likely, not major league players. A major league hitter is one who is constantly growing as a hitter, spending much time investing in his success. He is constantly learning and improving. Shouldn’t we who are redeemed spend our time seeking to grow as a Christian? Jesus gave His all for us, therefore I should give my all for Him.