Jesus’ Story of Choice
November 22, 2016, 4:20 pm
Filed under: Searching for our Savior in His book

Jesus, my strength when I am weaks
In Luke 15, Jesus tells three stories for the Pharisees’ benefit. In each, He stresses the joy that comes from finding something lost. But the story involving two sons is especially convicting for the Pharisees because they are in the story. This tory of the prodigal son is perhaps the greatest story ever told by Jesus. In the story, Jesus paints a picture of the absolute worst sinner imagined, the son who repeatedly violates important Bible laws and seems to get worse with each rebellious choice. In the mind of His audience (the Pharisees) there could be no greater sinner than this rebellious son. So many times our focus turns to the son and we rejoice that he makes the decision to repent and come back to the father. Some even try to make the cold-hearted, legalistic older son the hero, praising him for his faithfulness and resolve to stick to doing the right things.
But if you read the story, the true hero, the great champion is the dad. In spite of great sin, he loves the rebellious son with mercy and GRACE that is unknown to the Pharisees. All they understood was harsh judgment to the offending person. The ideal of unlimited grace and unconditional love shows our Heavenly Father and how He dealt and deals with us. Running to his son wasn’t just the joy of a happy father, by the protection of that father for a son who should be stoned by the elders. Using his own robe to clothe the son pictures us receiving the righteousness of Christ as our own. The ring was given to show authority and the shoes set the son apart from what he was willing to be, a servant. Restored and forgiven were concepts not understood by the old brother, whose response reveal a bitterness, a hatred, and the lack of a relationship with both the younger son, but sadly also the father.
So when we read the story- focus on the father! He’s the hero of grace and love! But if you’re a prodigal, running away because of your self-centered choices, while the father’s grace and love are always there, you don’t experience them until you repent and return to him. Can you see the choices each person made. The younger son to return and repent, the older son to separate and reject, and the father to love and show grace. It’s your choice and choices always have consequences. Make the right choice! Choose Him.


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