Bible Study on John, Day 1, John 1
September 3, 2017, 2:06 am
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I am a middle school and high school Bible teacher, starting my 36th year.  One assignment for my students is to have them read the Bible.  In order to help them, I sat down these past summer and wrote three questions to each chapter in the Bible.  I mentioned this in a Sunday school class and had a suggestion that I post this each day on my blog.  So Rose and Teresa, here is the Bible study, day 1.  Hopefully, God will use this to help us study His word and deepen our relationship with Him.  God bless as you start this study!


The Apostle John delivers the Great News of Jesus the Christ that is unique among the Gospels.  While the other three books focus on the miracles, parables, and public speeches of Jesus in order to show that He is the King of the Jews, the Servant of God to man, and the Perfect Man in living a right life, John takes the story of Jesus beyond the Jews, Romans, and Greeks to the entire world.  His intention is clearly evangelistic, seeking to reach unbelievers with the story of the unbelievable love and grace of God.  Dated by most scholars as after A.D. 70, John may encourage readers that Jesus is the new, better center of worship, replacing the Temple that had been destroyed.

John accomplishes his goal by showing that Jesus is clearly God.  From the first words of the first chapter John states that Jesus is God.  John records that Jesus used the significant phrase “I am” throughout His public ministry in Jerusalem, each time claiming that holy, personal name of God as His own.  Jesus was always in charge, always knowing what was going on, and always showing that He was enabling man to have a personal relationship with Him.  John also wrote to give his readers reasons to “believe” and “know” Jesus as God.  These key terms are seen in his gospel over 90 times, with two types of “know” appearing well over 125 times.  The connection of these two words with verbs demonstrate that knowing God and believing God involving action.

The first chapter of John can be divided into two parts.  Verses 1 to 18 is a prologue which presents Jesus as the eternal and pre-existent Word, or very expression of God.  In these verses the origin of themes found throughout the Gospel are introduced.  Jesus is presented as the Life, Light, and Truth.  Believers are presented as God’s children, while the world is presented as lost and rejecting Jesus.

In the remaining part of John 1, we see the first 5 days of Jesus’ public ministry.  Although the first miracle which brought attention to Jesus doesn’t occur until John 2, the foundation of the public ministry is established.  Think of it this way.  The building is built, the doors to business are opened, but the official grand opening occurs with a big event.  In days 1 to 3 of Jesus’ ministry we read of John the Baptist’s witness about Jesus, encounter with Jesus, and referral of two of his own disciples to Jesus.  On day 4, Andrew introduces his brother Simon to Jesus.  Simon would later have his name changed by Jesus to Peter.  On day 5, Jesus calls Philip and Nathanael to follow Him.  Jesus ends the first chapter with the first of twenty-five uses of “verily, verily”, a translation of the Hebrew “amen, amen” and indicates the authority of his announcement.  To help you in your personal study of chapter 1, here are three simple questions to keep your attention as you read.  John 1’s three questions

John 1

  1. Give me three characteristics of the Word as given in this chapter
    1. The Word was in _________________________________
    2. The Word was with _______________________________
    3. The Word was ___________________________________


  1. What action of John the Baptist did the Pharisees want to know why he was doing it if he wasn’t that Christ (the Messiah) or Elias (Elijah)?


  1. Jesus told Nathanael that he would see things greater than the thing that impressed him enough to believe that Jesus was the Son of God. What was it that impressed Nathanael?




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