Bible Study on John, Day 2, John 2, First Things
September 4, 2017, 4:31 pm
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First impressions are normally the impressions that stick with you. Think about the “Grand Openings”which you have attended. They are intended to impress you that this is the greatest store or greatest ballpark or greatest restaurant in history. So when Jesus begins His public ministry, He is the greatest so the miracle He does must be impressive. Last time we looked at the first week of Jesus’ public ministry and we got to day 5. Today, we pick up the 7th day, at a wedding feast in Cana. Jesus and the followers He has picked are there, as well as His mother. She probably was a friend of the family and may have been working behind the scene, making sure that the food and drink for the feast was being served. So when she saw that the wine was out, she looked for options and the very best option was in front of her, her son Jesus. John doesn’t tell us why she called on Jesus but most likely she had seen Him perform miracles before. What I love is that she put all of her trust in Him and told the servants to completely obey Him, no matter what He asked. Point of application- do you have that type of trust in Jesus when you are facing a problem or difficult situation? As we look at the story, Jesus commands that 6 large water pots be filled with water. We are looking at 180 gallons placed in water pots that had been used to purify hands and utensils previously. Notice that Jesus doesn’t do anything else, other than tell them to take a drink to the governor or head waiter who supervised the serving of food and drink. Whatever was in those water pots must have been amazing. What I noticed is the result of the miracle- Jesus revealed His glory and the disciples “believed”. While Jesus is letting people see that He is God, He is building the faith of those to whom He will entrust spreading the Gospel.
The second “first” in the chapter is Jesus’ first major confrontation with the corrupt and spiritual powerless Jewish religious leaders. Jesus makes His first public trip to Jerusalem to attend the Passover. John’s Gospel focuses on the Passover and His time in Jerusalem. When Jesus sees the corruption going on connected with the Passover and in the Temple, He drove out the money changers and all the animals. He then makes a controversial claim that puts the Jewish religious leaders on notice, Jesus is the Son of God. Take a look at what Jesus states in verse 16. The disciples take note of Jesus’ statement and remember Psalm 69:9, which the first century Jews took as a prediction about the Messiah. We also find the first public mention of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The temple that Jesus mentioned being destroyed and three days later raised up was His body. The Jewish religious leaders missed it entirely, telling Jesus about the length of time it took to rebuild the Temple that now stood. Again Jesus is investing in the faith of the disciples, who would remember this event after the resurrection took place.
The chapter ends with a statement that many believed in his name, because of the miracles and then tells us that Jesus didn’t commit to them because He knew their belief was only because of the miracles. It is hard for us to put our minds around this statement because we see the word believe and think that automatically means they were saved. The crowd was identifying with Jesus because of miracles and not because of the message. Did you notice the statement that Jesus knew their hearts. He understood that their belief was superficial and fickle. They liked the miracles and wanted one for themselves but weren’t evidently willing to go all in to trusting Jesus with their all.
Now it is you turn. Read the three questions, re-read the chapter as you answer them. Don’t forget to take notes as you read. What questions do you have on the passage? Write them out and then go to other versions and Bible study tools to find the answers. Remember to pray and ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom and guidance as you study. At the end, find one way to apply this passage to your everyday life. Write it as a sentence, and be specific!

John 2 questions
1. When Mary comes to Jesus with the problem of no wine at the wedding, how did Jesus address His mom and what question did Jesus ask her?
a. Address to His mom? ___________________________________
b. Question Jesus asked her? _______________________________

2. Jesus went to Capernaum with what three groups (individual or several people)?
a. ___________________________________________________
b. ___________________________________________________
c. ___________________________________________________

3. Read verses 23 to 25 and note that “many believed in his name” (put their trust in Him) yet Jesus didn’t commit Himself to them. Carefully read the passage again and explain what was wrong with their belief that caused Jesus, who knew what was in man, not to commit to (believe in, entrust himself to) them.


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